Smoothing Primer Serum SPF 30
Based on 109 reviews
A multi-tasking primer that softens and smooths skin with a formula that features antioxidants and broad-spectrum SPF 30, resulting in a flawless, makeup-ready complexion.

Smoothing Primer Serum SPF 30

Based on 109 reviews
A multi-tasking primer that softens and smooths skin with a formula that features antioxidants and broad-spectrum SPF 30, resulting in a flawless, makeup-ready complexion.
  • Targets fine lines & wrinkles
  • Preps skin for a perfect makeup application
  • Protects against sun damage
  • Prevents early signs of aging
  • Lightweight, silky texture
Skin Types:
All Skin Types
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Why is it different?
RESIST Smoothing Primer Serum SPF 30 is a lightweight, silky primer serum that combines broad spectrum SPF 30 sun protection with a mix of plant-based, soothing antioxidants known to safeguard skin from environmental damage. But that’s just the beginning, because this anti-aging primer also beautifully enhances makeup application and wear, so you’ll see better-looking skin and makeup.

What does it do?
Prevents premature aging and contains antioxidants green tea, coffee seed, and chamomile to help defend against the visible effects of pollution and environmental attack. This unique formula’s silky serum texture softly blurs fine lines and large pores for a younger-looking, smoother complexion.

How to use

For full sun protection, apply liberally and then apply your foundation. For use just as a primer, apply a pea-sized amount to face over your daytime moisturizer with sunscreen or under your foundation with sunscreen.

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Product Ingredients

Active Ingredients: Avobenzone 2%, Homosalate 4.0%, Octinoxate 6.0%, Octisalate 4.0%

Other Ingredients: Isododecane (texture enhancer), Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer (texture enhancer/skin-softening), Butyloctyl Salicylate (skin-softening),Polysilicone-11 (texture enhancer), Bisabolol (skin soothing), Coffea Arabica (Coffee) Seed Extract (antioxidant), Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract (antioxidant/skin soothing), Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract (antioxidant/skin soothing), Retinyl Palmitate (antioxidant), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (hydration), Calluna Vulgaris Flower Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (antioxidants), Chlorella Vulgaris Extract (antioxidant), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (skin-replenishing), Physalis Angulata Extract (skin soothing), Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract (skin-restoring), Diethylhexyl Syringylidenemalonate (antioxidant).

Ratings & Reviews

Perfect primer


I used Smashbox primer for several years but was never 100% pleased with how my makeup looked over top of it. I decided to look for another primer and my search led me to this one from Paula's Choice. I've used PC moisturizer, toner, and exfoliators for years. I just had no idea that she had some makeup products. I love this primer! It helps my makeup look dewy but never shiny. My skin is both dry and oily, meaning I start the day with flaky patches and then, later on, end up with shiny spots. However, when I use my PC products in the morning as I should, my skin looks and feels amazing and my makeup lasts the whole day. Here's my morning routine - wash face, toner, exfoliator, moisturizer, and then this primer. I usually wait a couple of minutes between putting on the moisturizer and the primer. The primer feels sort of greasy at first, but it soaks right into my skin. A few minutes later, I apply my makeup (Mac studio fix fluid). It might sound like a lot of steps, but it doesn't take that long and I'm really happy with how my skin looks. The only thing I don't love about this primer is the sunscreen smell, but I am glad that I don't need to layer sunscreen over top of my primer, either. It's a trade-off I'm happy to make.


Nashville, TN


The Best, Invisible Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin


I am a born-again believer in chemical sunscreens thanks to this product. It is simply the only such formula that my otherwise sensitive, easily irritated skin can tolerate. As someone who doesn't wear make-up, I greatly appreciate the 100% invisible matte finish which is so difficult to achieve with physical sunscreens. A real gem of a product; thanks so much PC

Jack the Self-conscious

New York


Best Multi-Use Product with SPF 30!!! (imo!)


I've used PC Products for years & love the fact that most contain all the research proven ingredients needed to have beautiful skin! I'm 52, with fair, somewhat sensitive skin that tends to be dry. I've always used a physical broad spectrum moisturizer because I've had bad reactions to the chemical sunscreens, but needed additional moisture because of how drying physical SPF can be. Thanks Paula for introducing this "primer"! It is moisturizing enough on it's own and I've had no irritation. It absorbs well & any odor disappears in minutes. My make-up applies beautifully. This product has been such a time saver in addition to everything else - PLEASE DON'T DISCONTINUE!!!




The BEST primer for under eyes


This is AH-mazing! I use this after my sunscreen and before my concealer and it helps to keep the area smooth, hydrated and protected. I definitely see the difference when I skip this step. I love it! I hope Paula doesn't discontinue this primer. A little extra thought: I also loved the first mascara they have and their blushes (the only ones that don't break out my skin :( and it is sad that the makeup line it's not successful enough to keep the basics like mascaras, blushes or eye shadows. I hope hope HOPE that someday these products come back.


Laredo, TX


Works great!


I use this over my moisturizer and under a light foundation. The finish is as good as it gets. My make up looks flawless all day. Will buy again.


St Paul


Amazing under makeup


I like some extra sunscreen under my foundation, but found many sunscreens are too heavy under makeup. This product is amazing! It has an extremely light texture, and foundation applies like a dream over it, spreads beautifully and without balling up into tiny little balls or rolls. Paula, please offer a larger size of this.

In the forest

Boulder Creek, CA


Perfect primer!


This is the first primer I have liked! It's great on it's own, but because I like a more glowy look, I like it best mixed with the Skin Recovery Daily Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30. This way I still have the full SPF and some of the glowiness and hydration of the Skin Recovery Lotion, but less of the white cast and more of the protective base for makeup. It is absolutely perfect. I use it alone on my eyelids and my eye makeup stays put all day and my eyes don't tear. Just the greatest. I would also like a bigger tube. :)


Northbrook, IL


Best sunscreen ever...but need a bigger size!


I can't say enough good things about this primer sunscreen serum. I don't even wear makeup, but I use it as a sunscreen because it's clear and colorless, and I love the texture. It is truly impossible to leave any white sunscreen marks on your face or clothes with this product. I absolutely love it. Nevertheless, I plan to cut back on my use because it's too expensive for its size. You get only 1 ounce for $30 instead of 2 ounces for $33 like you get with the Resist Youth-Extending SPF fluid. And, because it only comes in a 1-ounce size, it's gone so quickly. So, even though I adore this primer sunscreen serum, I plan to cut back my use until PC comes out with bigger size. PC: please, please, please come out with a bigger size that will last longer and be a better value. Thanks!!!


Denver, CO


Perfect Sunscreen


I don't even use this as a primer, I don't wear any foundation or much make up...but at 52 and living at the beach...sunscreen is so needed but I HATE most all sunscreen for the face. It feels so heavy and like my skin can't breathe. I had a "chat" with a very helpful PC customer service rep who suggested this, and I can't rave about it enough. Not greasy, not stinky, not heavy...just a light, silky potion that feels wonderful. I use the Resist line and this is now my finishing touch!


North Myrtle Beach, SC


Best of the best


I have very dry skin and and while most priber don't cause me problems, suncreens do. This does not bother my skin and adds and extra layer of sunscreen in addition to the one I apply after moisturizing.. I am very happy it on auto renewal becuause I don't want to run out.


Boca Raton, Florida



4.2 109